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At ExcelCare Adult Home, we take pride in offering the best living environment for our residents. We service residents with Advanced Age (AA), Developmentally Disabled (DD) and irreversible Alzheimer's and Dementia (ALZ). The warmth of the home is evident by the loving atmosphere experienced at our homes.



Our programs encourage residents to make choices about their activities of daily living, both at the home and in the community; to develop lifestyles, skills and interests; and to increase independent use of community resources where possible. We work with each individual to achieve his or her fullest potential by:

- Supporting continued development of skills and abilities.
- Respecting and celebrating the individual’s culture, talents and contributions.

- Supporting them to achieve increased autonomy.
- Encouraging and helping to foster important, lifelong friendships.
- Assisting them to experience both the pleasures and responsibilities of daily life.



Our Staff are highly compassionate, caring and motivated. They are highly experienced in community service and caregiving. All staff members are trained in CPR, First Aid and proper techniques in personal care. Further, each staff member is fully committed to providing an environment that motivates residents physically, mentally and emotionally – and ensures your loved one enjoys their residency. We have a Registered Nurse, BSN and a Certified Respite Care Nurse on staff.


ExcelCare -- The leading provider of Adult Family Home living. 

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