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At ExcelCare, we are dedicated to providing the BEST in Adult Family Home living.




Our Commitment


At ExcelCare Adult Home, we take pride in providing the best living environment for our residents. We service residents with Advanced Age (AA), Developmentally Disabled (DD) and irreversible Alzheimer's and Dementia (ALZ). The warmth of the home is evident by the loving atmosphere experienced at our homes.


ExcelCare is fully committed to providing quality housing and care for our residents. Our goal is to enrich the daily lives of our residents by providing an environment that motivates them physically, mentally and emotionally.


We offer a relaxed atmosphere of warmth and care that promotes companionship among residents, their loved ones and staff.


Our experienced and compassionate staff are on duty 24 hours to work with each resident and their family. We tailor a personalized care plan that allows our residents to enjoy their residency. Our staff includes experienced Personal Care Workers (PCW), Nurse Aides and a Registered Nurse (RN) with Respite Care Certification.


Our Respite Care program provide planned short-term and time-limited temporary breaks for those who are caring for family members. We provide this program in our Adult Family Homes.  


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